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About McKim Care Pharmacy

We are a Local Brick-and -Mortar Pharmacy serving the Richmond, BC area in Vancouver, Canada. Our mission is to provide our patients with care, service, and advice they can trust and call on at anytime they need

Graduate of The University of British Columbia (Class of 1992). Head Pharmacist and Pharmacy manager of McKim Care Pharmacy.

Sol Lalji brings over 30 years of experience as a Pharmacist and Pharmacy Manager at many of Canada’s leading Pharmacy chains, such as Shoppers Drug Mart, Safeway, and Rexall. Sol’s goal is to be an asset to both patients and physicians. He puts patient care above all else, helping them navigate the complex world of pharmacy to find the best advice for their medications and therapies. Sol not only has extensive experience in consulting and filling prescriptions, he is also highly experienced in compounding medications. This allows him to make more detailed insights into medications and their uses and functions, contributing to better health outcomes. The combination of the years of experience and the mission to provide the best for patients has made Sol a big hit with our patients.

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