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Jessie Gordon

Ordered my Ozempic from them and they gave me a lot of good advice on how to save on the extra needles I needed. They referred me to a US source for needles so I could save more money even though they would not make money on selling extra needles. They really care about their patients and help them save money.

Justin Senecky

Heard about these guys from my doctor and got my Jardiance from them. I had my doctor fax in the prescription and they promptly gave me a call to confirm details and walk me through the order process on the website. It was straightforward and easy.

Chloe Merrit

Got my trulicity from them because my insurance changed when I switched jobs and would no longer cover it. I placed an order online and a rep called and walked me through the process. The rep was very polite and professional, which made the whole process a breeze.

Janet Stadler

Very easy to work with. I placed an order online for my Saxenda and a representative called me the same day to walk me through the process. Its nice to know that they are actually taking the time to make sure your order is correct and is done properly. Will definitely be ordering again!

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